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Whats going on in the river?

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Whats going on in the river?

What’s that barge doing in the River?

Update –

We reached out to some city officals that disclosed the following –

Thanks for the photo and location. I found out that it is an FPL mitigation project. They are capping a dredge pit that had accumulated muck.

The latest viral postings on the Titusville groups want to know what that barge is doing in the river. There have been some far fetched ideas on this. We discovered a company called AEI is in charge of the project. We reached out to a few Brevard County contacts to see if they can enlighten us on exactly what is going on in the River. Hopefuly we will have an update early in the week.

As you can see, they are indeed moving sand. AEI is known for post storm cleanup along with Sea Grass Restoration, and a host of other services that could assist Brevard in restoring the river. Although there was no one I could confirm this with on a Sunday, I am pretty sure they are preforming some sort of environmental improvement project or research.

From AEI

Seagrasses are flowering plants that commonly grow in large “meadows” in the marine environment; these seagrass meadows are a vital component to the health and function of the marine environment.

Seagrasses serve as habitat to a wide variety of juvenile and adult marine species, food for many aquatic creatures, erosion control and submerged substrate stabilization; seagrass meadows also capture and sequester more carbon from the atmosphere than any other eco-system.

Unfortunately due to a variety of man- made causes seagrass meadows have been on the decline worldwide for a long time and environmental professionals across the globe have been on the task of trying to halt the decline and restore damaged seagrass communities.

Adventure Environmental, Inc. (AEI) has been on the fore front of this restoration since 1998 performing and planning more seagrass restoration than any other firm in the country.

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