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TPD – Tazer Deployed

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TPD – Tazer Deployed

Earlier today – TPD

In just under 30 seconds a call came over the scanner that a taser was deployed until a suspect was detained. I was unable to find the reason for the interaction between this officer and the subject, however later on we hear a supervisor discussing the encounter, Suspect and officer had an encounter that led to them wrestling to the ground where the suspect attempted to remove the officer’s firearm.

Fortunately, the officer had two trainees, One was able to deploy a taser, subduing the suspect. That’s 30 seconds from the ‘Taser deployed’ call, securing the suspect, taking a deep breath and then clearing 10-33. Reflexes, muscle memory and attention are a key factor in an officer’s daily struggle for survival.

Respect these officers, and their process during your next encounter. They do not know the difference between you or someone who may want to harm them.


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