Possible murder incident near Diamondback @ Grissom in Cocoa

** UPDATE **

We do not see anything in the AM news cycle, this MAY have been a hoax call, it originated from a Google Voice number and is untraceable to it’s originator at this time. We will update here if anything comes to light.


Police activity in the area of Diamondback on Grissom in Cocoa was heard on the scanner tonight. Police are searching for a suspect.

A call came into dispatch from a male that said he was gong to kill his wife and then himself and gave an address that came back as Diamondback. Officers on location suspect gunfire from the building on arrival.

The original call was found to come in from a Google Voice number, and is very hard to trace.

At this time, we are unaware of the outcome of this call. No closing details were broadcasted on the scanner or found in the AM news cycle.