Brevard Scanner opens up the Southend

Brevard Scanner just opened up another feed for the South end of the county. You can now hear the following on Palm Bay Police, Brevard County Sheriff Dispatch – South


Palm Bay Police – (little traffic heard so far)
Palm Bay Fire – (little traffic heard so far)
BCSO South – BCSO 3 South
BCFR – Dispatch 3 and 4, Tac 1-99
Melbouorne PD – Dispatch

You can also listen in on Brevard County Sheriff – North, Titusville Police covering these

BCSO North – Tac North, Alert 1-4, Command, Countywide, Supervisor.
Titusville Police – Ch1 & 2 and Tac 3-6.

And we also host Brevard County Sheriff – West, Cocoa and Rockledge Police

BCSO West – Tac North, Alert 1-4, Command, Countywide, Supervisor
Cocoa PD
Rockledge PD