Palm Bay – Arson


No, this isn’t Cheryl’s She Shed…
Around 3am on Thursday morning, an arsonist set fire to the playground equipment at Twin Lakes Park on Bianca NE and completely destroyed it. Total loss is estimated at $75,000. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call PBPD

Cocoa Police Corporal Ken Brackin Saves Two Men From Upside Down, Submerged Vehicle

Via Space Coast Daily

Cocoa Police Corporal Kenneth Brackin reacted swiftly when lives were in jeopardy and because of his actions, two people are alive today.

According to Cocoa Police spokesperson Yvonne Martinez, on early Wednesday morning, Brackin had just returned home from work. His patrol shift with Bravo Squad ended at midnight.

“As Brackin was preparing to shower, he and his fiancé heard what they described as a loud screeching sound followed by a loud bang,” said Martinez.

The couple immediately ran outside to find out what happened where several neighbors were overheard saying a car had flipped over and crashed into a retention pond on Knox McRae Drive.

“Cpl. Brackin made sure someone had called 911 and he then immediately ran over to the area where he found a vehicle upside down and submerged in the water,” said Martinez.

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Rockledge – School Safety Drills/Scenarios

School Safety Drills/Scenarios Next Week-
Student and school safety always remain our top priority at Rockledge High School. We have collaborated with the Rockledge Department of Public Safety to host active shooter scenario safety drills on the Rockledge High School campus from Monday, July 15th to Wednesday, July 17th. In order to facilitate these scenarios we will close the majority of the Rockledge High campus to all.
If you plan to stop by the campus on any of these three days, we ask that you park in the front office parking lot and enter the campus through the front office doors. All other parking lots and entrances will be closed. These drills/scenarios do not involve any students or visitors and due to the serious nature of these training exercises, it is imperative that all visitors follow these directions regarding parking and access to the campus for these three days.

Since these are active shooter scenarios, we will have a large number of police officers, firefighters, and other safety personnel on campus. This will include a significant number of emergency vehicles as well.

The front office will remain open office staff, guidance staff, and administration will be available to assist you but we wanted to make everyone aware of the scenarios so that it does not cause anyone alarm if you plan to visit the campus on any of these days.