Local State of Emergency Declared in Preparation of Hurricane #Dorian’s Arrival

8/29/19 | 5:30PM | #PressRelease: Local State of Emergency Declared in Preparation of Hurricane #Dorian‘s Arrival

A local State of Emergency was declared for Brevard County on Thursday in response to the pending threat of Hurricane Dorian, which is slowly edging toward Florida’s east coast and expected to make landfall Monday morning as a major hurricane.

On Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for 26 counties, including Brevard County, in the possible path of Hurricane Dorian.

According to Thursday’s emergency proclamation, Brevard County is encountering impending disaster conditions with the potential for extensive damage to life and property, public utilities and buildings, infrastructure and commercial and residential buildings.

The emergency declaration was approved by unanimous vote of a designated Policy Group consisting of local, county, and state officials, and signed by Brevard County Commission Chair Kristine Isnardi.

A declaration in place provide various waivers to help expedite contractual procedures, rental of equipment, employment of permanent and temporary workers, acquisition of supplies, materials and facilities and appropriation and expenditure of public funds.

Weather – Dorian 8/27 Updates

Dorian in my nutshell. Looking at Tropical Storm conditions in the Caribbean the next couple days. Most all models show main development chances after the DR/PR crossover. New center reformed north today playing trickery on models. Now PR might take the brunt Wed. How it survives over PR and DR is the key. If a core still exists definite shot to intensify in the Atlantic. Yes could completely die… but almost no models show this chance. Dorian gets pulled more northward and through parts of the Bahamas Fri/Sat with a turn westward. Models fanning out from SFL to even north of Florida now. More time over the hot Gulf and favorable conditions could ramp this up. This is NOT in the official NHC forecast as of now. But my gut says yes. Latest ensembles trending maybe a turn northward close to impact. This will allow more strengthening over the Gulf stream and put GA/SC/NC in play. This has my attention. If it hits the peninsula of Florida could escape into the Gulf. Saturday looks like the best day for Florida. Saturday night into Sunday things go downhill. If does trend north most of the weather is to the north and east so most of the peninsula would be dry with a later landfall into Sun/Mon even up north. Lots to watch. But making sense. Nothing to worry about in the long-term right now. Just nothing solid yet. Just be prepared for any of these scenarios. Could get real hectic over the weekend if Dorian is forecast to strengthen.

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Weather – Dorian 8/27 11am Update

12z afternoon spaghetti models on Dorian. Still good agreeance on track. He gets pulled more northward by TD #6/front then gets pushed more westward from building high after. Intensity the big question after he clears DR/PR. NHC holding steady at 70mph… BUT…… Lots to watch the next couple days. Lots of rain showing for Florida regardless.

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Weather Update – Dorian 8/26

BIG update from the NHC with their latest. Hurricane Watches up for parts of the Lesser Antilles. And no fizzle entering the Bahamas nearing Florida. This is going to be something to watch very close. Dorian is growing. Labor Day weekend story developing. East coast Florida… I would be glued to the weather the next couple days. And of course everyone in between. PR/DR could be looking at Hurricane conditions midweek.

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BCSO – Star is up investigating debris by NASA

Star is up by NASA, investigating debris that has washed up by LaunchPad 39..

Nothing is yet known about specifically what types of debris, It is highly unlikely related to. the missing firefighters. In other news, BCSO recovered a kilo of Heroin on the beach south of this location.

After a brief search, BCSO deemed the sighting as ‘old debris’ and returned to base.

Weather – Dorian /Mike’s Wether Page 8/25 @7:48am

Looking at Dorian… Surrounded by dry air and dust he will have to fight hard to stay moist. Then a possible track over the higher mountain tops known to shred storms. Rough road ahead. Latest ensembles here from the EURO/GFS/UK. Overall track aggreence is there… if it survives down the road is the big question. NHC has slowly reduced wind projections. Still showing barely a Hurricane past the Lesser Antilles before restoring back to a Tropical Storm. New NHC track at 11am. We will sea if they erase any cane threat.

Officials to Suspend Active Search For Missing Cape Canaveral Boaters

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — After nearly a week since they were last seen, the active search for missing firefighters Justin Walker and Brian McCluney will be suspended at sundown on Thursday, said officials

UPDATE 1pm 8/22: U.S. Coast Guard and partner agency crews continue to search for the missing boaters with surface & air assets. The Coast Guard will continue to have a presence in the area, but active searches will conclude at sunset.

Titusville – Man Arrested for Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer

Albert James McDaniel, 48

Titusville Police have arrested a local man for impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Albert James McDaniel, 48, of Titusville, was arrested on August 20th 2019, and charged with Falsely Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer.

At approximately 1:00 PM on Tuesday August 20th 2019, Titusville Police responded to a report of a suspicious man presenting a law enforcement badge and requesting a discount at a local McDonald’s restaurant. 

Police quickly conducted a traffic stop on the suspect, where he presented a Corrections Officer badge along with his identification. Officers confirmed that the badge was not an official law enforcement credential and the suspect was taken into custody.

The preliminary investigation has revealed that the suspect had been using the false law enforcement identification as a means to obtain discounts and gratuities from local business. 

The suspect was a former employee of a private prisoner transport company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. However, he was dismissed from that position in July of 2018. The suspect was not a certified law enforcement officer.

McDaniel was booked into the Brevard County Jail with a $2000 bond.