Location, Brevard County

Month: September 2019

Brevard County Scanner and News

Titusville – 2 males, naked and running amuck!

TPD and Rescue responding to a call of 2 males free-balling and running amuck. No, I didn’t get a location, too busy laughing.

Melbourne – Water Rescue

BCSO and Melbourne Beach units on scene. Stranded paddle-boarders (3) 2 are now on shore.

Cocoa – B&E in Progress – Broadway Blvd

Person has called in stating someone is breaking into her home, Caller is watching via remote cams.

BOLO – Stolen Harley Banana River Drive/528 area

stolen 9/20, west bound 528 entrance from bananna river drive. Has spider webs on the right side saddle bags. Had tour pack on the back. If spotted, contact Derek Lyons or BCSO Bike was spotted last night in the ditch Possible person of interest.

FYI – Party on tropics, party on..

Just a wee bit active out there. Nothing to panic about yet, just keep an eye out..

Titusville – Suspicious Person, Coquina Elementary School

Caller states across form Coquina Elementary School, Thin build with black pants and Ski Mask. 5 units responding and additional coverage sent to surrounding schools. AT this time, TPD has not confirmed a sighting, but continues to be present in the area.

Mims – Robbery at Gunpoint

Complainant states a Black Male stole his wallet at gunpoint and feed in an SUV driven by a Black Female, last seen northbound on Old Dixie. Occurred at a gas station on US1 in Mims. We didn’t get the description of the SUV.

TD-10 – Keep an eye on it.

Tropical Depression Ten formed (as expected). It will strengthen further. Where it goes — too early to tell. There is plenty of time to watch it. It is still the peak of hurricane season, so having something out there is normal. It is nice when they are far out there, because we have plenty of…
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Titusville – Biker Down – Cheney Highway

Bike down, 802 Cheney Highway. Biker is up and alert. TPD is on sceene and removing bike from road.

Titusville – Possible Gas Leak – 1225 Garden St

Another possible gas leak in Titusville, this time on Garden St. Huge response again. Avoid the area.