Titusville – Sunday, Early AM Action.

TPD seemed to be a busy bunch of bees in the early AM today. Sometime between 4-5am, we heard them working a stolen car in the area of Coquina Elementary that had two Black Males on the run. BSCO and K9 assisting.

K9 tracked to the tracks and started south and was shortly joined by Star for a solid 30-40 minutes.

During the search, a number of reports for shots fired came in around Hopkins and Knox. Unrelated.

At 5:15, Starr returned to base and TPD called off the search. Possible suspects were identified but were still at large.

Blackpoint – Lost Hikers

Search is underway for some lost hikers in the Blackpointe/Oak Hill area.

**Volusia County has spotted 2 people**
Thick brush prohibiting land contact
A boat is being sent to make contact now

Search efforts are underway for two hikers lost near the intracoastal waterway in the Oak Hill area.
They started their hike last night

Volusia County / KSC / BCSO STAR are searching the Oak Hill / M.I. Refuge / Titusville areas now.
We will keep you updated as we learn more