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What we know – Suspects lead MPD/BCSO all over South Brevard!

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What we know – Suspects lead MPD/BCSO all over South Brevard!

MPD and BCSO Star spent a good chunk of the afternoon following a car that was tossing out items sold with blood all over the South end of the county,

At one point, Star mentioned a ‘body’ We haven’t confirmed this yet.

We picked the traffic up as they entered Patric AFB airspace and has since made it down A1A quite a distance. BCSO Game Over has joined the surveillance.

The vehicle has been moving very slowly, making frequent stops at various dumpsters.

At each stop, the suspects are tossing out trash bags, once they leave the area, LEOs are searching the dumpster for clues.

Officers are located at the ‘House’ We assume where the event originally started. LEOs are planing a takedown before they make it to this location.

SR3 onto a dirt roady 404 for a short stop. Now South, close to Mathers Bridge. Stopped short by about a mile. Back open and a number of bags are being removed and taken to shoreline. LEOs and Starr still on target.

Now on the move again. Continuing southbound. LEOs investigating dumpsite, found carpet with blood stains. LEO once again setting up for a possible felony stop, possibly around 518. Suspects are stopped by Mathers Bridge.

Moving again East on Banana River Drive. Pulling into the apartments at Palmer Rd. Pulling up to another dumpster. Large black trash bag into dumpster. A block and another dumpster. Now Northbound. Star following. And ANOTHER dump site, trunk opened.

Now moving South on S Patrick Approaching Eau Gallie. Pulled into Sunoco. Attempting a takedown now in parking lot.

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