The City of Titusville, Florida – Law Enforcement Searching for Violent Felon



Titusville Officers are working with BCSO and the U.S. Marshall Service to locate a violent felony suspect last seen in the area of Cheney Hwy (SR50) and Sisson Road. A large law enforcement perimeter has been set up in the area and numerous undercover officers are searching the area on foot. The Suspect is: KENNETH LAMAR BELL, 28, 5’7′, 150 LBS. last seen wearing a white tank top, Khaki shorts with visible red underwear, running east/south from Cheney and Sisson Rd. Suspect crashed his vehicle into an unmarked Titusville police vehicle during an attempt by US Marshalls and Titusville Detectives to arrest him in the parking lot of the Mobile Mart, 460 Cheney Hwy at approximately 11:50 a.m. today. Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous and anyone spotting him should not approach him and call 911. ###

Source: The City of Titusville, Florida – Law Enforcement Searching for Violent Felon

Lake Okeechobee releases to begin again Friday

The US Army Corps of Engineers announced that releases will begin once again Friday from Lake Okeechobee into the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers.

The US Army Corps of Engineers announced plans to begin pulse releases averaging 3,000 cubic feet per second from Lake Okeechobee to the Caloosahatchee River.

The announced comes four days into a pause of releases for what the Corps of engineers called an assessment period for water management.

Colonel Jason Kirk said it was an opportunity as well to get leaders at the federal level caught up on the issues surrounding the lake and corresponding waterways.

“This is such a critical issue, we also spent time explaining this critical issue to the Army Corps and leaders at the Pentagon,” Kirk said. “We take this very seriously.”

The US Army Corps of Engineers will conduct the releases in a pulse fashion, a day on and a day off, which scientists report helps give the river a break from the harmful nutrient-rich water going into the estuaries.

The decision by the USACE is based on concerns surrounding the Herbert Hoover Dike, which is now completely funded for its renovation to be done by 2022.

“It’s defending 36,000 people south of the lake at risk,” Kirk said, adding that flooding would not only endanger people and damage the homes, but it would also sit on the land surrounding the lake for weeks without proper draining.

Sanibel mayor Kevin Ruane spoke directly with the USACE as well as water management district leaders, pleading for a continued pause in east and west discharges to allow the estuary to recover from the blue-green algae currently spanning the entire 75-mile river.

“Lee County is being devastated by this,” Ruane said. “To get another 3,000 cubic feet per second is insane… Introducing [more] fresh water is going to do nothing but dilute that so we’re going to have no possibilities of getting rid of this blue-green algae.”

While Ruane called for an increase in flexibility from the USACE, the federal agency said they’re doing all they can for now to consider options.

Ruane concluded he’s not giving up hope, calling on other mayors, local leaders, and residents to join him in the fight to move water in other ways to avoid harming the estuary and sending algae toward the coastline.

Source: Lake Okeechobee releases to begin again Friday

Space Coast Public Service Awards Nominations Now Being Accepted Through July 27

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey speaks with Space Coast Daily’s Alan Zlotorzynski about the upcoming 2018 Space Coast Public Service Awards On Saturday Sept. 29 at the King Center in Melbourne. Sheriff Ivey discusses how you can nominate a deserving candidate and how you can attend. Sheriff Ivey also breaks down the nomination categories. Last year over 700 people were in attendance and more are expected this year. See More: HERE

Rockledge man suspected of stealing AR-15 from online seller

Police say a 25-year-old Rockledge man arranged to purchase an AR-15 online but instead snatched the weapon and fled the scene Monday.

Justin Dunham contacted the person selling the firearm on when he saw an ad for the AR-15, 700 rounds of ammunition and some accessories. Dunham agreed to buy the items from the alleged victims for a total of $1,300, according to police reports.

During the scheduled meeting between Dunham and the seller, Dunham was able to get the gun, ammunition and accessories from the trunk of the seller’s vehicle and leave the scene, police said.

He then hopped into a car driven by an unidentified black male who has not yet been arrested.

Police reported the seller received minor injuries to his right elbow and wrist during the robbery.

Dunham was arrested and charged with grand theft of a firearm, robbery by sudden snatching and possession of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon. He is being held at the Brevard County Jail Complex in lieu of $35,000 bond.

Source: Rockledge man suspected of stealing AR-15 from online seller